modern bicycle thought by hand

A coincidence, as it often happens, has given birth to this project.
Two professionals, one with a communication background
and the other with a design background, starting exactly
from their own working experiences have thought, designed
and realised this bicycle collection, as an example
of connections between simplicity, research and originality.

A conceptual and physical condensate of aesthetics as well as
of technique. As a matter of fact, a collection of bikes one-off
or in limited series, representative of contemporary urban
and international lifestyle.

Bikes as pieces of design, of immediate and natural
understanding or, otherwise, functional means and,
at the same time, refined exercises in style.

the name reveals our the mission and the goal
of being both content and container.

The payoff - modern bicycles designed and made by hand -
here is where the placement lies because modern is something
current and contemporary  yet something that carries already
the inherent flavor of the past - modern is, at the same time,
avant-garde and old school.

Conceived by hand as the result of an inspired aesthetic
approach and of true craftsmanship .

But the idea has all this and even more.
The thinking behind it has evolved into a concept in order
to represent a world, a vision, a way to developping flavors
and ideas related to what, for us, represent the world
and the contemporary urban style.