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modern bicycle thought by hand

And it’s really like this because modern means contemporary
and current but contains a flavour of the past.
Modern is at the same time avant-garde and old school.
hence, modern bicycles, thought by hand as a result
of a stylistic idea mixed together with a real craftsmanship.
Starting from the italian frames made in “brianza”,
passing through the workshop located in milano,
an ultracicli bicycle grows from the raw sketch
to the final assembly in the hands of the expert framebuilder
and of the bicycle mechanic.
Therefore a huge thanks to ourselves, who design the bikes,
to Luigi, who welds the frames and to Giovanni,
who grows up the bikes.
12/12/2015   cycloartshooting@GGB//the top models
Pavè e Contropedale, the two main models of our Risorgimento selection, photographed in the Milan space of the Galleria Giovanni Bonelli. Shortly the on line sale.
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